Bring home the flavours of France from Luberon’s delectable French gourmet food section. Capture the essence of the French kitchen with honey from the Pyranees, mustards from the Burgundy region, sea salts from the Camargue and more. Our shelves are stocked with tapenades, mustards, olive oils and vinegars, herbes de Provence, sea salts, honeys, chocolates and sweets.

The Fallot Mustard Mill in Beaune, France is the last independent Burgundy “Moutarderie” (mustard mill). Operating in the same location for over 160 years, the Fallot Mustard Mill continues to prepare its famous mustards using the original recipes and milling the mustard seeds with stone grinders, thus maintaining the gustatory qualities of the grain. Fallot mustards are world reknown and used by some of the greatest French chefs. Try your hand at greatness in the kitchen and pick up a jar of Fallot mustard at Luberon.

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