Tucked inside their colourful wrappers, chewy Carambar candies have been delighting French children (and adults too!) since 1954. Legend has it that the manager of the Delespaul-Havez factory had extra cocoa and decided to mix it up with caramel to create an unusually long caramel candy ~ and thus gave birth to the carambar.

In 1969 a nationwide contest invited children to send in their favourite jokes and funny stories ~ the winning jokes/stories were printed on the inside of the candy wrappers and the children won their weight in Carambars!

In 1973 new fruit flavours were introduced in brightly coloured wrappers with the jokes still on the inside. Today the flavours include the original caramel, strawberry, orange, lemon, raspberry, cotton candy, cola, cassis, absinthe, cherry and caranougat.

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