Bring home the fragrances of France from Luberon’s luxurious selection of bath and body products. Indulge in rich shea butter, olive oil and vegetable based soaps in delicious scents such as linden blossom, fig, orange blossom, cherry, lavender, verbena, rose and grapefruit.

Capture the essence of the spa in your own bathroom with soaps, bath foams, gels, lotions and oils from the savonneries (soap-making companies) of France. Embellish your powder room or bath with beautifully monogrammed guest towels, apothecary jars and bath accessories.

Harken back to the days of French tradition and scent your linens with linen water. Simply add one cup of linen water to your rinse cycle or pour it directly into your iron or a spray atomizer for fresh, fabulous smelling sheets, upholstery, clothing and lingerie.

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